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"What we do in this lifetime, Will echo in eternity"
06.15.13 Kyra/Massimo litter has
arrived! They had 3 boys and 3

05.16.2013 Kyra is not only
certified in the AKC CGC
(Canine Good Citizen) but this
weekend she has passed the
TDI test (Therapy Dog
International) in Texas.TDI is the
oldest and largest therapy dog
organization.The amazing thing
is that out of 9 dogs only 3
passed, Kyra being one of them.
She passed it twice, once with an
11 year old handler!

01.31.2013 Ch. St Roch's
Mamachi ended 2012 ranked 9th
in the "UKC Top 10" in the nation
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04.17.2012 St Roch's Mamachi
entered her first UKC Dog Show
this past weekend. She finished
with 3 Best Female 2 Best of
Winners 1 Best of Breed and
Reserve Group wins! Go Machi!!

06.30.2010 The Cane Corso
Italiano will be making their debut
in the AKC show ring meet the
Cane Corso on the AKC's site
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Welcome to St Roch Cane Corsos! My name is Jimmy Roberts, I am a small hobby
breeder located  in Covington Louisiana, about 30 miles north of New Orleans. I'd like to
start by acknowledging my uncle, mentor and friend
Don Abney of Abney Catahoulas.
He owns and breeds champion and grand champion catahoulas, he has written books
on Catahoula's and canine training, he has  judged UKC Conformation, Jr. Showmanship
shows and much more. I'm very thankful to have him and his 30+ years of knowledge
and experience as part of our program. I learned about the Cane Corso in early 2004.
The history of the Cane Corso was simply intriguing and incredible. I bought my first one
later that year and never looked back. I feel blessed to have them in my life. We only
breed when we have the proper time to work and socialize the puppies with children
and other animals. This is the commitment and dedication we give to each of our
puppies. We want our puppies to be healthy and happy when they leave for their new
homes. We believe that you are not receiving  just a puppy, but a new member of your
family. we pride ourselves, our dogs and our puppies on these values,and to better the
Cane Corso as a breed. Which brings us to our motto,  
"What we do in this lifetime, Will echo in eternity".
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There are two breeds that are direct decedents from the old Roman war dog, Canis
. One being the Neapolitan Mastiff which is heavy and slow and the other being
the Cane Corso. The Cane Corso is lighter and faster, And with their impressive speed,
agility, power and courage made them valuable hunters of wild boar, stag, bear and
other animals. They were also used as a gladiator in the arena and a war dog.
There is convincing evidence that the breed was used in the military around 1137, Their
kennels were found in
Monopoli di Sabina which is near Rome and is closely linked to
Roman history.
After the war and big game hunting declined, Italian farmers found a use for the Cane
Corso on farms, To protect livestock from predators both human and of four legged type.
They were also used to run alongside carts to protect the contents from highwaymen or
robbers. Also wealthy travelers, Used the Cane Corso for protection when traveling by
stagecoach. The Corso proved itself as a worthy guard dog, For home, land and livestock
and still performs those duties in its homeland today.
The first Cane Corso arrived in the United States around 1988 in Northern New Jersey
imported by the Sottile family. Since then it has been gaining popularity at an incredible
The Cane Corso is also known as the
Italian Mastiff or the Sicilianos Branchiero. In Latin
Cane pronounced (kah-nay) which means dog, And Corso which means "Course". Hence
the name Cane Corso meaning "Dog Of Chase". However others believe the breeds name
derives from the Greek word "Kortos" meaning "Property enclosed by a fence" which
would translate to "Dog that guards property"or "Guardian of the gate"  . Another
connection is the Latin word "Cohors" meaning "protector"or "bodyguard".
However you would like to pronounce Cane Corso or define a Cane Corso, In my opinion,
This sums it up best. The Cane Corso is very loyal, intelligent  and dedicated to its family,
It loves children and is very aware of strangers and of animals or anything that could
pose a threat to its property or family. Which makes for a outstanding guard dog. When
properly socialized a Cane Corso should not show any signs of aggression with people or
other animals.